Friday, October 1, 2010

Burundi School Project Trip, October 1, 2010

On Friday and Saturday, we traveled to Gitega to inspect the site of the secondary school to administered by Youth For Christ.  Gitega, the orginal capital of Burundi before the Belgian colonial era, is a regional center and lies about two hours east of Bujubura, the current capital.  Youth For Christ currently operates an orphanage and elementary school just outside the city.

Over the last several decades, Burundi has suffered from similar internal unrest and genocide as Rwanda.  However, while Rwanda has received international attention because of the genocide, Burundi has just recently emerged from a lengthy civil war and remains unnoticed by the world press.  As the second poorest nation in the world, the nation has a long list of basic needs.  In order to face these challenges, the church needs to have a plan for developing a new generation of leaders who are commited to Jesus Christ and possess the skills to help their people.  The leadership of Youth For Christ plans to raise up that generation of leaders through their orphanage, outreach programs, vocational training and Christian schools.  The secondary school project in Gitega is an integral part of that plan and Builders Without Borders is proposing to organize the construction of the buildings for it.

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