Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News letter from Rwanda

Greetings from Rwanda. This is the first of our weekly posts of responses from our students on "What Kigali Christian School means to them." All responses have not been edited. Enjoy! -Brad Burnfield

Teta (sixth grade) writes: Kigali Christian School is like a school to me but also like a home to me. It is like a home to me because when I go there I find there my classmates who are like my brothers and sisters. I find there teachers who are like my parents at school. Kigali Christian School is the best school I have ever joined. It is the best school I have ever joined because:
-We have teachers who love us and teach us about Jesus Christ.
-They teach us to have discipline and excellence.
-They teach us equally.
-They teach us to share with our friends. 
-They always tell us to never give up.
This is all about Kigali Christian School. This is what Kigali Christian School means to me. Thank You!!!


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