Monday, August 12, 2013

News letter from student at KCS

"What KCS Means to Me"
(Unedited response from Doreen in 6th Grade)

My name is UMUTONI UWASE Doreen. I study at KCS and KCS's moto is Discipline and Excellence. What KCS means as a school which has some people who are Christian and honest. They love God and they want young youth to know about God and what they must do to know what God want for them. Another thing they do, they teach us well and we study well, but all of that is God who gives us strength to a do all of that, and we eat well food which has nutrients and the sometimes pay for us school fees, they are so humble and kind, they teach us the word of God and sometimes we have some fun and they help us in other lessons, especially science, math, English. They tell us how we can take care of ourselves everywhere we are. So I encourage people to come to Kigali Christian School. - UMUTONI UWASE Doreen.

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