Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rwanda 2013

Fun number facts about Builders Without Borders

Since BWB was founded , we have raised almost $ 2,050.000 and for the upcoming trip to Rwanda we raised about $ 249.000. We have shipped 135.000 pounds of building material to Kigali. A return flight between Fort Myers and Kigali in Kilometers is 24480.12 and in miles it is 15211.24. If you only travelled one way between Fort Myers and Kigali in kilometers you will be flying 12240.06 and in miles it is 7605.62. The total trip cost per person is $ 2500.00 wish is a little bit more then you would have paid in 2004 when BWB was founded. When we get to Kigali Christian School you will be greeted by 740 students and our " oldest " person in our group is 79 years young will say hello to 63 staff members together with the 48.1 average age of the group. We will be flying all together about 43 hours and we are 34 people going on this amazing trip, 27 men are going and we have 19 new BWB people who never have been to Rwanda before.Dan Dodrill has gone to Africa 14 times, something for our youngest who is 13 to look up too. BWB is 9 years old and on this trip it takes 8 different flights to get there with our 7 brave women on board who has travelled in 6 different time zones just to get there.  At the school we will see the 3 containers we shipped over with the 3 buildings inside them. It took about 2 months for the containers to get to Kigali  with 1 purpose in mind...TO BUILD THE BEST SCHOOL IN RWANDA. 

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