Wednesday, August 14, 2013

News letter from student at KCS

4th Installment of "What Kigali Christian School Means to Me" is brought to you by Nadine (6th grade student.) 

My name is MUTONI Nadine.  I am going to talk about what Kigali Christian School means to me.  Kigali Christian School isa school which came to teach us about the wordof God and to know whom God is and it came to teach children to love God and respect God and come to teach children English and french, so that they can speak all languages and there is a library which helps us to know all languages and we can understand them in order to win the test by reading books.  It teaches us to love all people and respect everyone we see.  Kigali Christian School has good teachers that helps us to learn well and we can help other children.  They teach us many languages that if we grow up we can be good peoples who obey God and respect God, and helps other peoples.  They teach us to lead all the students well.  That if we grow up we can build our country in peace like, Presidents, doctors, Ministers, they helps us to be clean and study hard.  Thank You!!!!!!! Nadine.  


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