Sunday, September 15, 2013

Building in Rwanda

Sunday,Sept. 15- 
What a great day!
We bussed to the school and met up with about 25 Rwandan workers. 
With their help, we off loaded 3 containers of steel and other materials. 
Then we really set to work building the trusses for the buildings. We need 
162 and today we assembled 85. Each truss had to be carried to the different slabs. Big kudos for our Rwandan workers who carried these down or up the hill as well as helping us drill. We all worked hard under the whips of Peter, Dan, and Warren. No unions here. While we we were working to assemble the trusses, other workers were up the hill putting up the first walls.
So awesome to see the progress we made today. A nice relaxing buffet dinner
at the hotel tonight. We must give thanks to Dan  and others for treating us to dinner last night at the restaurant "Zen".  Also we must thank Brad for organizing our stay in this great Chez Lando Hotel with a wonderful, efficient , friendly staff. More tomorrow. If we can move. 


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