Friday, September 20, 2013

Rwanda building

Friday,September 20
The last day and oh what has been accomplished. Two  roofs totally done. The third building has all the trusses and walls in place. Corrugated steel,will go on
probably Sunday or maybe some of the group will work tomorrow. Many of the
BWB group are leaving tomorrow for the states, but a new group will
Fly in tomorrow and start work on Sunday. This new crew will install the doors and windows, plywood the walls, and install the siding.
Three of the ladies started sorting hundreds of books this afternoon.  Two of us are leaving but Alicia will finish the task.
Tonight we are heading back to the school for dinner and dancing.
I cannot tell everyone how loving the children are. They all want  to be
hugged and touched. They love our hair because it is so different from their 
Hair.  I sat in a Social Studies class. 32 5 year old children and all so well behaved. The teacher was marvelous!  I just wish I had 700 pairs of shoes with me in all sizes. Some had on shoes that were too big or too small.
We are beyond blessed in America. 


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