Friday, September 20, 2013

Rwanda school

Thursday, September, 19
Today was an amazing day! So much starting to take shape. The roof was put on building 
 One with the door and windows framed out. On building Two, which will be a boys  dormitory ( an area of another building is going to be a dormitory for girls), the trusses are in place   and many of the interior walls are in place. At first, the dormitory will hold only 30   students but it can hold many more. There will be three bunk beds in each room with
  possibly six students in each room. As the logistics are figured out for housing and feeding  all the boarding students, more boarders will be added. The third building has  the trusses in place and wall are up.     Peter  and his crew will be working hard to get the roofs finished tomorrow.
  Big treat: Indian food for dinner tonight at the Hotel Marano. Thank you BWB!
  The blogger got tired- a little late with the update.
  Tomorrow is the last day for most of this crew so a special dinner at the school.


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