Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great news from KCS

Dear Friends,

Join us to celebrate the award that Kigali Christian School received yesterday as the best private school in Kigali. Normally in Rwanda, private schools are far better than the government schools. The best schools in the country are all in Kigali city (population about one million) where we emerged the best school. We were presented with a trophy and a check of five million Rwanda francs, which is close to $7,500. The evaluation took into consideration not only the academic performance, but also discipline, management, facilities, and generally the whole school environment.

Update on Future Schools: 􏰀 Land for both North and

East school sites have been paid for and the title transfers are nearly complete.

􏰀 BuildersWithoutBorders will be coming in January 2015 to begin construction on East site.

􏰀 Need to raise $60,000 to construct three concrete slabs, and $60,000 to prepare and secure the plot.

KCS school leaders celebrate!

We are honored to receive this distinction and encouraged as we plan to build more schools in other parts of the country. Please continue to pray for Kigali Christian School, specifically:
􏰀 That the staff will be encouraged by the award and motivated to continue in excellence.
􏰀 That we will not become proud or no longer strive for the things that God would consider as “best” in a school.
􏰀 That funds and resources will be provided for the construction of the new schools.

“Best School in Kigali”

Thankful for your partnership in this ministry,

July 2014 

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