Thursday, July 24, 2014

We need your help in Rwanda

We Need Your Help!!


Mission:  To Stock Up Kigali Christian School With School Supplies

Supplies Needed:   100 Wood Rulers (.25 each)  50 packs Craz-Art Colored Pencils (.77 each)  10  500ct Ruled Paper Packs ($2.50 each)  These supplies are on sale at Wal-Mart for a short time.  It would be awesome is at least 10 of you would accept this mission.  The total cost of these supplies is $93.81 (tax included).


You can call or email Tom @ 239-633-5753 / or Peter @ 239572-4813 / with any questions or comments.  The supplies can be sent to T&S Concrete Systems at 1684 Target Ct. #1, Fort Myers, FL 33905 or better yet we will be more than happy to pick them up.  The donated supplies will be boxed up and sent in the Building Material Containers that are due to be loaded and shipped at the end of August.   


Because of all your support, about 1000 Rwandan Children are getting the best education that can be offered in their country.  Thank You For All That You Have Done and Continue To Do!!

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