Saturday, October 5, 2013

BWB news October 2013

BWB news October 2013

Today we got a lot of good news to share.

First of all a big congratulation to Warren Watt,  today he got married to the love of his life, Melissa. From the BWB family, we hope to see you Melissa on our next trip, this way Cory doesn't  have to share a room with Warren anymore.

The second good news today is that in less than one week from being back from our trip to Rwanda, we have been able to rise enough money to fund 6- 4000 Liter water collection tanks and the gutter system for all three buildings we build at KCS. A big THANK you to Tony and David Flammia for donating enough money ( $ 2000.00 ) to outfit one building completely .The need is to equip each of the three new school buildings with rain water control, collection, and storage equipment which consists of gutters and storage tanks.  This is necessary for two reasons with the first being the need to collect the water to prevent extensive erosion and facility damage to the compound as well as to our neighbors down the hill.  The second reason to collect the water is to use the natural resources provided by our Creator.  Collecting the rain water will save KCS significantly as it can be used for non-potable needs such as cleaning classrooms, flushing toilets, and maintaining our school vegetable garden, especially during the dry season.  The cost for each building is $2,000 USD . All the money has been raised and once again thank you so much to the people who made this possible.

Tom Ashwill WANTS all your pictures from the trip so he can put them on our website. You can contact him by phone 239-633-5753or email him @ He would also like a Testimonial  from everyone who went on the trip. Please share your experience with him and he will make sure it goes on the website for everyone to read.

And last but not least: We want to hear from  anyone who went to Rwanda about how we can make further trips even better. Please don't hold back, good or bad, if you have a concern about something, if you think we did alright or if you think we need to improve in certain areas? Do we need new tools and what kind? How can we improve building the buildings in a faster and better way? Safety, hotel, airline, 
food, people, organization, cost it does not matter what you have on your mind,  we want to know so we can learn and make the next trip even better.
Don't be shy , speak your mind, you can put your name to it or be anonymous , it does not matter, we just want to learn and be a better organization, because we got something very special going here, we are in a position to help thousands and thousands of kids get an education for many years to come.
Email it

Please don't forget to RSVP if your are coming to the BWB party , ( Dan is the grill master) on Saturday the 2nd of November at 4pm.
It will take place at Sue and Peter Fenger's home at6233 Mark Lane , Fort Myers FL 33966
So far 24 have signed up.

RSVP topeterfenger@comcast.netno later than October  30th.

Until next time, be safe and thanks again for all you do for BWB.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barbara and Neil

Hi Peter and Sue. Well here we are in Istanbul. 30 hours to get here. Turkish Airline is on my 
"Do not use" list. Gorilla trek was fabulous. The Mahale Mountains and Greystoke was one of the best places we have ever been- of course it was a 51/2 hour single  engine plane ride and
1 1/2 hour boat ride. Not exactly the corner drug store. 
Re the barbecue- unfortuneately we will be in Apalachicola from Oct 30 - Nov 5/6. We work the 
seafood Fest every year. Always the first weekend in November. Bunch of drunks having a great time. 
Will be home Oct 10.