Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Builders without borders would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Hope to see you all on our next trip to Rwanda in 2014.
Thank you for all you do for BWB, without you it is not possible to do what we do.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Water project in Rwanda

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus and I trust you are doing well. I and my family are doing well. We want to thank you again for the support you help us to raise for our water project. As I told you during the rain season, in our School, water is big challenge where is causing erosion and other problem and during the  dry season we have a big  lack of water.  Therefore, your support contribute to reduce some of those challenges.

You can see attached  pictures which can help you to understand our challenge and how you have  contribute to help us finding the water solution.

God bless you and continue to prayer for us we need to add other more Water tanks.
Luc Dushimerugaba


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rwanda 2014 update

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Builders Without Borders News

Rwanda 2014 Update

First of all we would like to thank everyone who came to our BBQ. We had a great turnout with 34 people. It was very nice to see everybody again.
We also received some good news regarding our Rwanda trip in 2014.
After confirming with the Rwandan gang, we have settled for the first group to leave on Thursday the 24th of July and will be back in the states on August the 3rd. The second group will leave on Thursday the 31 of July and be back in the states on Sunday the 10th of August.

The cost for 11 days will be $ 2600,00 and if you stay for the full 18 days the cost is $ 3000,00. This price  is based on double  occupancy, if you would like to have a single room the price will most likely go up, how much we don't know yet. Included in this price is, flight, hotel, meals, health insurance and transportation in Rwanda.

There is a chance we might be flying through Europe due to cost, but more to come about that.

We will be building three 120' x 32' buildings, 9' tall in the province of Rwamagona, about one hour from Kigali. The interior of the buildings will be a material called " smartside" and it comes  in 9'x4' sheets so no cutting for a top piece. The exterior will still be vinyl siding, because it will keep maintenance cost down. We will most likely ship the containers in early March of 2014.
We will also be doing things a little differently this time when it comes to the planning of the work. We learned from our last trip, that we need to be more structured and organized in the way we do things. We will have one superintendent who is " the boss " for the project. We will have a daily meeting where people are assigned their task for the day so we all can work as a team.
We will again take Wednesday off, and make a day out of it like we did on our last trip. This trip is not just about building, but also about experiencing a little bit of how the people of Rwanda live and see the countryside of this beautiful country.
In the coming weeks and months the planning of this trip will continue and of course you will be kept up to date with information and updates. We will have a couple of orientation meetings to discuss the progress of the trip and to get input from you. Any ideas or suggestion you might have we want to hear about it.

We are hoping for at least 35-50 people coming on this trip - the more the merrier. We are looking for women or men, young or mature, tall or short, construction experience or not, it does not matter, we want you.
Please tell your family, friends and business acquaintances about Builders Without Borders. Share this on your Facebook page or email this to everyone you know. This is an experience you don't want to miss, so mark your calendar, start saving money and start looking forward to the trip of your life.
If you have any questions please contact:
Tom Ashwill @
Dan Dodrill   @
Peter Fenger @
To all of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends and once again, a big thank you for all you do.

Without you, this is not possible.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

BWB news October 2013

BWB news October 2013

Today we got a lot of good news to share.

First of all a big congratulation to Warren Watt,  today he got married to the love of his life, Melissa. From the BWB family, we hope to see you Melissa on our next trip, this way Cory doesn't  have to share a room with Warren anymore.

The second good news today is that in less than one week from being back from our trip to Rwanda, we have been able to rise enough money to fund 6- 4000 Liter water collection tanks and the gutter system for all three buildings we build at KCS. A big THANK you to Tony and David Flammia for donating enough money ( $ 2000.00 ) to outfit one building completely .The need is to equip each of the three new school buildings with rain water control, collection, and storage equipment which consists of gutters and storage tanks.  This is necessary for two reasons with the first being the need to collect the water to prevent extensive erosion and facility damage to the compound as well as to our neighbors down the hill.  The second reason to collect the water is to use the natural resources provided by our Creator.  Collecting the rain water will save KCS significantly as it can be used for non-potable needs such as cleaning classrooms, flushing toilets, and maintaining our school vegetable garden, especially during the dry season.  The cost for each building is $2,000 USD . All the money has been raised and once again thank you so much to the people who made this possible.

Tom Ashwill WANTS all your pictures from the trip so he can put them on our website. You can contact him by phone 239-633-5753or email him @ He would also like a Testimonial  from everyone who went on the trip. Please share your experience with him and he will make sure it goes on the website for everyone to read.

And last but not least: We want to hear from  anyone who went to Rwanda about how we can make further trips even better. Please don't hold back, good or bad, if you have a concern about something, if you think we did alright or if you think we need to improve in certain areas? Do we need new tools and what kind? How can we improve building the buildings in a faster and better way? Safety, hotel, airline, 
food, people, organization, cost it does not matter what you have on your mind,  we want to know so we can learn and make the next trip even better.
Don't be shy , speak your mind, you can put your name to it or be anonymous , it does not matter, we just want to learn and be a better organization, because we got something very special going here, we are in a position to help thousands and thousands of kids get an education for many years to come.
Email it

Please don't forget to RSVP if your are coming to the BWB party , ( Dan is the grill master) on Saturday the 2nd of November at 4pm.
It will take place at Sue and Peter Fenger's home at6233 Mark Lane , Fort Myers FL 33966
So far 24 have signed up.

RSVP topeterfenger@comcast.netno later than October  30th.

Until next time, be safe and thanks again for all you do for BWB.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Barbara and Neil

Hi Peter and Sue. Well here we are in Istanbul. 30 hours to get here. Turkish Airline is on my 
"Do not use" list. Gorilla trek was fabulous. The Mahale Mountains and Greystoke was one of the best places we have ever been- of course it was a 51/2 hour single  engine plane ride and
1 1/2 hour boat ride. Not exactly the corner drug store. 
Re the barbecue- unfortuneately we will be in Apalachicola from Oct 30 - Nov 5/6. We work the 
seafood Fest every year. Always the first weekend in November. Bunch of drunks having a great time. 
Will be home Oct 10. 


Friday, September 27, 2013

Rwanda school buildings

Sep 27. Today we finished the dormitory. We started out working on doors and cutting plywood for some of the gaps that we were missing. We have been working hard these past two weeks ,and words cannot describe how rewarding it has been. What started out as a building project quickly turned into much more than that. We started and completed three buildings that will impact Kigali for Christ, for many years to come. Thank you again for all of your comments, thought and prayers. Please pray for us as we travel. Pray for Brad and Kiki, the missionaries here, and pray for Kigali Christian School as it reaches the youth of Rwanda for Christ. Blessings Anthony

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rwanda school buildings

Sep 26. Today we started, and almost finished the dormitory. We started off working on our last gable, and finished all of the siding. While another's team worked on putting up plywood on the inside. We still have a few pieces of plywood, and a few doors left to do. Unfortunately we have little plywood left and no door nobs or casing for the inside, but we are still grateful to provide a service. God has provided is everything we need, and its truly a blessing to see what he is doing here in Rwanda. Please keep Warren's sister in your thoughts and prayers, and keep us in your prayers as we get ready to depart. Blessings Anthony

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rwanda buildings

Sep 25. Today a group of us left for a safari. It was a long, but fascinating trip. We entered the national park driving through the beautiful terrain. We saw crocodiles, zebras, hippos and many more. While most of the group was gone, A few people from the group stayed behind and worked on the job site. The group work diligently finishing the second building and put up one gables on the dorm. Could you please pray for Warren Watt's sister, she had a stroke. Thank you again for of your support and prayers. Anthony 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sep 24. Today we finished the inside of building one. While doing that we worked on the second building. We put in all the doors and windows, and attached siding on the gables and on one side. We also nailed in plywood on the outside of the dorm and most of the inside. Tomorrow is Wednesday and a group of us are going on a safari. We are all doing well, working hard and really enjoying our time in Africa. Thanks against for your thought and prayers. Anthony 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rwanda buildings

Sep 23. Today we put up siding ,finished all the doors and windows on the first building. It feels good to see the first building completely done. While working on the first building a few of us went down and put up the plywood inside and out, and put up one gable on the second building. We have come so far but there is much work to be done. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Anthony 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rwanda buildings 2013

Sunday Sep 22 .Today we finished the roofing on the dorm. We started and finished putting up plywood on the inside and outside of first building. We put up gable siding and some doors and a few windows. We miss the first group, but we are happy that the second group has worked hard as well. We ended the night at Brad and Kiki's house for a nice quiet BBQ after a hards day work. Anthony 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rwanda buildings

Saturday,September 21
Peter the slave driver Great left early this AM with a partial crew to work on the roof of the third building- half is done . Most of us went to the Genocide Memorial Museum. It is truly a moving experience. So needless. So many children. So many orphans. So many displaced people. This museum also has a few rooms dedicated to the genocides that have occurred in other countries of the world : Armenia, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Germany. Lest we forget. After this we went for lunch for burritos. Brad's pick - good choice. Came back to the hotel, grabbed suitcases and most left for the flight home. A new crew arrivedat 3:30. Now things will really start popping inside. I expect that all will be done by next Friday.
I must mention last night's farewell dinner. All of the USA crew, many of the teachers, Jean Baptist, many Rwandan workers, and some students were included. A buffet dinner was served and we were treated to local Rwandan dancers ( who must be the most in shape people on this planet) and then we in the audience joined in. Lots of,fun and laughter. 
Blogger is going  to see the Silverback gorillas tomorrow.This has been a most rewarding experience . Thank you to all who have supported this endeavor.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Rwanda building

Friday,September 20
The last day and oh what has been accomplished. Two  roofs totally done. The third building has all the trusses and walls in place. Corrugated steel,will go on
probably Sunday or maybe some of the group will work tomorrow. Many of the
BWB group are leaving tomorrow for the states, but a new group will
Fly in tomorrow and start work on Sunday. This new crew will install the doors and windows, plywood the walls, and install the siding.
Three of the ladies started sorting hundreds of books this afternoon.  Two of us are leaving but Alicia will finish the task.
Tonight we are heading back to the school for dinner and dancing.
I cannot tell everyone how loving the children are. They all want  to be
hugged and touched. They love our hair because it is so different from their 
Hair.  I sat in a Social Studies class. 32 5 year old children and all so well behaved. The teacher was marvelous!  I just wish I had 700 pairs of shoes with me in all sizes. Some had on shoes that were too big or too small.
We are beyond blessed in America. 


Rwanda school

Thursday, September, 19
Today was an amazing day! So much starting to take shape. The roof was put on building 
 One with the door and windows framed out. On building Two, which will be a boys  dormitory ( an area of another building is going to be a dormitory for girls), the trusses are in place   and many of the interior walls are in place. At first, the dormitory will hold only 30   students but it can hold many more. There will be three bunk beds in each room with
  possibly six students in each room. As the logistics are figured out for housing and feeding  all the boarding students, more boarders will be added. The third building has  the trusses in place and wall are up.     Peter  and his crew will be working hard to get the roofs finished tomorrow.
  Big treat: Indian food for dinner tonight at the Hotel Marano. Thank you BWB!
  The blogger got tired- a little late with the update.
  Tomorrow is the last day for most of this crew so a special dinner at the school.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Wednesday, September 18
Today was a break day. Some went to play golf,some went to the Akagera
 National Park , some just went downtown.
The golfers had a wonderful day of,golf playing with steel shaft clubs and
  hiking-ie : this was a challenging course on the legs. One unidentified 
  member of this six-some hit his golf in the water. The ball reliever was the 
  Caddie who dove in, retrieved the ball, and then sold it back to the golfer. LOL
The Park  14 members, jumped out of bed at 3:45 AM, hopped on our regular
   bus and drove around until 5:30 PM on less than smooth roads but they
   did get to see the country side and some great animals: a raft of hippos,
   Baboons, Impalas, Topis, Zebras! Bushbacks, hogwarts, great birds,
   Elephant, and beautiful lakes. Our driver is to be highly commended 
   navigating these roads! I personally thanked the Lord for getting us back in      one piece and without a broken axle.
I would  like to have this driver in Florida at the height
   of the season just to get me out of the Publix parking lot. 
Dan and Kevin went to see the property that has been purchased for next
   years project . 
Dinner was special as we had 4 board members, and others that work for the 
  School. Jean Baptist gave a very inspiring talk.
Until tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

School building in Rwanda

Tuesday, Sept 17. 
Two  roofing trusses up. What an accomplishment!!! The guys worked SOOO
hard today ( well they work hard everyday) but to see the walls up and the trusses In place on two classroom buildings and the wall finished on the dormitory building  is a site to behold. We are truly blessed to have such a 
Wonderful group of volunteers. 
Yesterday was a holiday but today school was in session. We were treated to
a morning assembly with the younger students. Words cannot describe how 
enthusiastic and disciplined all the children are. Tomorrow is a well deserved 
day off.  


Monday, September 16, 2013

Building project in Rwanda

Monday, Sept 16. 
Another great day! We had no rain so we could accomplish a lot. All,the trusses were finished  thanks to very hard work from everyone.  Our crew 
from BWB worked extremely hard but I am constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the hard work and enthusiasm of the,Rwanda crew. No slouches there!
The walls went up on another slab. Tomorrow  the walls will go up on the third slab. 
Late in the afternoon the guys ,under 
the traffic director Warren , were able to put in place 4 roof trusses. What a 
sight to see. Great work guys! Moving right along. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Building in Rwanda

Sunday,Sept. 15- 
What a great day!
We bussed to the school and met up with about 25 Rwandan workers. 
With their help, we off loaded 3 containers of steel and other materials. 
Then we really set to work building the trusses for the buildings. We need 
162 and today we assembled 85. Each truss had to be carried to the different slabs. Big kudos for our Rwandan workers who carried these down or up the hill as well as helping us drill. We all worked hard under the whips of Peter, Dan, and Warren. No unions here. While we we were working to assemble the trusses, other workers were up the hill putting up the first walls.
So awesome to see the progress we made today. A nice relaxing buffet dinner
at the hotel tonight. We must give thanks to Dan  and others for treating us to dinner last night at the restaurant "Zen".  Also we must thank Brad for organizing our stay in this great Chez Lando Hotel with a wonderful, efficient , friendly staff. More tomorrow. If we can move. 


Friday, August 30, 2013

5th student letter from KSC

5th Installment of "What Kigali Christian School Means to Me" is presented to you unedited by Virgile. 

My name is Iradukunda Virgile. I am in P6 (6th grade). I love Kigali Christian School. My school educates people well and having a good plan to our school, to build boarding school. Kigali Christian School means to me that it is a school of Christians who help people who are not able to pay and loving their students so much. I like it. I hope that next year, ti will be a celebration day because we will be having a boarding school. I hope that I will study here. May God bless the school. 
Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

News letter from student at KCS

4th Installment of "What Kigali Christian School Means to Me" is brought to you by Nadine (6th grade student.) 

My name is MUTONI Nadine.  I am going to talk about what Kigali Christian School means to me.  Kigali Christian School isa school which came to teach us about the wordof God and to know whom God is and it came to teach children to love God and respect God and come to teach children English and french, so that they can speak all languages and there is a library which helps us to know all languages and we can understand them in order to win the test by reading books.  It teaches us to love all people and respect everyone we see.  Kigali Christian School has good teachers that helps us to learn well and we can help other children.  They teach us many languages that if we grow up we can be good peoples who obey God and respect God, and helps other peoples.  They teach us to lead all the students well.  That if we grow up we can build our country in peace like, Presidents, doctors, Ministers, they helps us to be clean and study hard.  Thank You!!!!!!! Nadine.  


Monday, August 12, 2013

News letter from student at KCS

"What KCS Means to Me"
(Unedited response from Doreen in 6th Grade)

My name is UMUTONI UWASE Doreen. I study at KCS and KCS's moto is Discipline and Excellence. What KCS means as a school which has some people who are Christian and honest. They love God and they want young youth to know about God and what they must do to know what God want for them. Another thing they do, they teach us well and we study well, but all of that is God who gives us strength to a do all of that, and we eat well food which has nutrients and the sometimes pay for us school fees, they are so humble and kind, they teach us the word of God and sometimes we have some fun and they help us in other lessons, especially science, math, English. They tell us how we can take care of ourselves everywhere we are. So I encourage people to come to Kigali Christian School. - UMUTONI UWASE Doreen.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rwanda 2013

On Thursday night at Rene's restaurant in Fort Myers 34 people showed up to here more about the upcoming trip to Rwanda. It was a very successful event with great food, upbeat spirit and lots of good information given out. The three concrete slabs for the buildings has been poured, the three containers with 135,000 pounds of building materials has arrived in Dar el Salam Tanzania. Now we just wait for custom to clear them and then the containers will travel almost 700 miles overland by truck to Kigali, where they hopefully will be by the end of August.
Airline tickets has been brought,hotel accommodation is almost in place and now we just wait for September 12 to come around when the first group leaves.
To get to Kigali in Rwanda it takes almost 44 hours from when we leave Fort Myers or Denver ( we have two people from there going as we'll ) of those 44 hours , 20 hours is spent flying.
Every single person on this trip is a volunteer, no one is getting paid to go, everyone is paying there own way, that's dedication.
Builders without borders would like to THANK everyone going, without you this is not possible.  

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rwanda 2013

Fun number facts about Builders Without Borders

Since BWB was founded , we have raised almost $ 2,050.000 and for the upcoming trip to Rwanda we raised about $ 249.000. We have shipped 135.000 pounds of building material to Kigali. A return flight between Fort Myers and Kigali in Kilometers is 24480.12 and in miles it is 15211.24. If you only travelled one way between Fort Myers and Kigali in kilometers you will be flying 12240.06 and in miles it is 7605.62. The total trip cost per person is $ 2500.00 wish is a little bit more then you would have paid in 2004 when BWB was founded. When we get to Kigali Christian School you will be greeted by 740 students and our " oldest " person in our group is 79 years young will say hello to 63 staff members together with the 48.1 average age of the group. We will be flying all together about 43 hours and we are 34 people going on this amazing trip, 27 men are going and we have 19 new BWB people who never have been to Rwanda before.Dan Dodrill has gone to Africa 14 times, something for our youngest who is 13 to look up too. BWB is 9 years old and on this trip it takes 8 different flights to get there with our 7 brave women on board who has travelled in 6 different time zones just to get there.  At the school we will see the 3 containers we shipped over with the 3 buildings inside them. It took about 2 months for the containers to get to Kigali  with 1 purpose in mind...TO BUILD THE BEST SCHOOL IN RWANDA. 

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

News letter from Rwanda

Here is the 2nd installment of " what Kigali Christian School means to me" written by one of our        6th graders.

My name is Gideon. I am 12 years old and in P6 class. Our class teacher is called Christophe. By the time I came to this school, I was so surprised to see such a very beautiful school like this. I thought there was no such beautiful school in Rwanda. But i got K.C.S. what a good school.
Kindness teachers and hard working. What a thing are the students. Actually it is a small heaven full of wonderful people. By the time I joined this school, I was so lazy but after coming here I  become more hard working. I was one of the last pupils in the class. But after coming here I became the 5th. I thought it was a miracle happening but it continued. Actually if I talk about our school, I can't end my speech. Let me stop here. See you on our school. Bye Bye. See you soon.

Written by Gideon

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

News letter from Rwanda

Greetings from Rwanda. This is the first of our weekly posts of responses from our students on "What Kigali Christian School means to them." All responses have not been edited. Enjoy! -Brad Burnfield

Teta (sixth grade) writes: Kigali Christian School is like a school to me but also like a home to me. It is like a home to me because when I go there I find there my classmates who are like my brothers and sisters. I find there teachers who are like my parents at school. Kigali Christian School is the best school I have ever joined. It is the best school I have ever joined because:
-We have teachers who love us and teach us about Jesus Christ.
-They teach us to have discipline and excellence.
-They teach us equally.
-They teach us to share with our friends. 
-They always tell us to never give up.
This is all about Kigali Christian School. This is what Kigali Christian School means to me. Thank You!!!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Rwanda trip 2013

As of today 35 people have signed up for our trip to Rwanda in September. We are 29 men and 6 women going. The first week, leaving September 12, we have 26 people going and the second week, leaving September 19, we have 9 people going, plus we have 5 people who are staying the full two weeks.
We also have 21 new people who never have travelled with BWB before, this is pretty amazing, and you are in for an amazing experience.
BWB would like to thank EVERYONE who are going. It would be impossible without you, to build the three buildings at Kigali Christian School.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

June update Rwanda 2013

As of June 29 we have 26 people going on week one and 11 going week two.
We have 5 more people who will let us know next week.
Accommodation will be for most people a 3 bedroom apartment where each of you will get your own bedroom and bath, but will share livingroom and small kitchen. For couples, and by request, a few of you will have your own studio.  This is subject to change based on availability.

As a reminder, check your passport. It must have at least 6 months of validation from the date we travel. Also don't forget to get your shots and malaria pills.

On Thursday August 8th at 6;30pm, we will meet at Rene's Restaurant at 7050 Winkler Rd, Fort Myers FL 33919 for an orientation about the trip. This meeting is very important, so please try to make it. Spouses are welcome to come and hear about the trip as well. Appetizers will be provided and there will be a cash bar available.

We have received a wish list from the school in Kigali, as listed below.  If you have extra room in your suitcase and would like to bring some items from this list, they would appreciate it.  In the past we have brought 2 suitcases, one with our personal belongings and one filled with items for the school, which is left at the school.  Please bear in mind, sometimes we get charged for the second suitcase from Ft Myers to Washington DC.  Last time the charge was $50 for the second bag.  They do not charge from Washington DC to Kigali.  The maximum weight per suitcase is 50 pounds.

     School Wish List:
6 External Hard-drives for back-up purposes
3 laptops (in addition so one put on container)
5 Digital Cameras
3 Projectors
10 USB Mouse
Office Supplies
3 First Aid Box, stocked with First Aid Materials
Ink Cartridge Filters:
 210 Canon
 211 XL Canon
 HP 75XL
 HP 74XL
Sports Materials
Volleyballs, Basketballs, Soccer balls
Badminton Set
Ball pumps and needles
Toys and Games for Pre-school
Educational DVD's
Science Lab
Weather instruments
Artificial Skeletons or body parts models
Electric Circuits
Magnets (U-shaped, bar)
Scales (all types, digital and balance)
Measuring tapes (up t0 50 meters)
Solids (Shapes like cones, spheres, etc)
Math Sets 
Mirrors (plain, concave, convex)
Protractors and compasses
Bible Study Books and Commentaries   
Dictionaries (all kinds - Biology, Medical, Geography, normal dictionaries, French/English dictionaries, 
Leadership & Mentoring Books    
3 Guitars and spare guitar strings   
3 Keyboards     
Kids musical instruments (ie.  Bells, wood blocks & sticks, drums, cymbals, small flutes

For more information, please go to  and always check out our blog and calendar. Also follow us on builderswithoutborders FaceBook page.

Again thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to BWB and the school project in Kigali Rwanda.


Friday, June 14, 2013

Applications for Rwanda

Please don't forget to fill out an application and send it in if you know you are going.
You also need at least 6 month left on your passport from the time we are going 

Thank you for all you do.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

BWB loading containers

Mark and Steve who came down from Pennsylvania just to help load 135.000 pounds of materials for Rwanda . Way to go.
Loading of doors
Watch out...Warren on a forklift 
John hard at work
Dan taking ( another ) break
George and Mark 
Barbara looking on. Her and her husband Neil are going to Rwanda 
Tom getting special primer ready for Brad in Rwanda
Warren is always smiling when on a forklift
Most important tool for Dan
Lots and lots of steel and building materials.
Thanks to everyone who showed up to help, we can't do it without you.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tools for Rwanda 2013

Tom shopping for tools at Home Depot
Dan shopping at Northern for tools
Lots and lots of tools for Rwanda 
More tools

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sign up date is June 1 2013

If you are going on our trip to Rwanda in September, please fill out the application form from our website together with a deposited of at least $ 200.00 and send it to the address on the website.
This is very important since we have to start getting a name list together for airlines and hotel.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dan Dodrill at Evangelical Presbyterian church

Dan Dodrill founder of BWB speaking to EPC about the history and upcoming trip to Kigali in Rwanda in September.
If you are interested in learning more about this trip, please go to 
For more information.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Donations to Kigali Christian school

Barbara and Neil, who are going with BWB to Rwanda in September , just donated soccer balls, basket balls, volley balls and pumps. 
Why to go.....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trip Applications & Deposits!

We're so excited that the Rwanda 2013 trip is getting closer!

Please don't forget that your trip application and $200 deposit are due JUNE 01, 2013!

We need to have all our applications and deposits in hand so we can begin to make travel reservations, etc.

We also need to know if you'll be joining us in the 1st week group leaving September 12 or the second week group leaving September 19. This is very important!

Any questions? Please email us at or call Peter Fenger at 239-572-4813.