Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BWB in Haiti

Day 3

Well as it turns out Haiti is very similar to Rwanda.  At least as far as the work ethic Warren and Peter bring to the job site.  Today was the day we got down to brass tacks.

After a downpour last night we got together for breakfast at 6:30 AM.  Speaking of the downpour we did manage to stay fairly dry although we had small puddle near the front door of the tent.  As I write this rains have started again.  Talk about relief. 

Scott started us off with a devotional before our meal.  It's always a great way to be inspired and start the days work. After a great breakfast of oatmeal and hot dogs, yes I said hot dogs,  we loaded into the Pinzgauer 6 Wheel Drive vehicle and headed out.  As a total aside for those of you that have not tried it, hot dogs do go pretty well with oatmeal.   I am sure Warren squeezed in a peanut butter pita in there at some point. It looks like he survives on peanut butter. Without a doubt he loves the stuff.  

The Haitian men who helped us out made several trips back-and-forth from the village to the job site, bringing all the trusses and some of the hardware that we needed.  We got off to a bit of a slow start because our first generator had a dead battery. But eventually we got it replaced with a semi functioning generator, at least enough to power couple of drills.  

The morning went great over all and we were brought back to the village for lunch. The afternoon was a introduction to the Haitian heat.  The good news is we don't think it ever got over 130°.  Okay, I exaggerate, but we were all on the verge of getting overheated. Jim did need to catch the ride on the back of a small motorcycle with one of the Haitians to come back to the village to put on some clothing to protect him from the sun. 

Even in the oppressive heat we were able to knock out an incredible amount of work today.  By the time we called it quits for the day all the trusses were up and the roof frame was on the house. The C channel is going on and we will start with that in the morning. We ended today with some cold refreshments by the lake which has a spectacular view. It is really a beautiful place to take the day in and relax out of the sun for a little while before heading back to the village. ( Love A Child Village).  Scott and Emily have to leave on Wednesday so I think we're going to call it quits around 4 o'clock tomorrow to grab a quick bite to eat with them.  

One overriding thought for all of us as we worked on this project is the the great need the Haitians have for this agricultural training center. We pray they put it to use.  

Time to walk back to the tent, looks like I'll have to dodge a bunch of raindrops!  As always please forgive the voice dictation errors

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