Friday, April 4, 2014

Haiti trip

Day 6

Today started with a meeting with Mark the project manager to discuss additional work at the agricultural training center. Since we were somewhat ahead of schedule they needed walls For an office and additional windows and doors for the house.  Of course since Warren and Peter have a construction knowledge they are the ones who discussed all the details. We got all the tools loaded into trucks as well as some lumber from Love a child.

At the job site Wade, Bill, Jim, and I finished up soffit on the house while Warren and Peter worked on the windows.  We were able to knock all of that stuff out relatively quickly. But then things came to a grinding halt because we could not get the generator to start.  Like Peter said, you can have all the tools in the world but if you don't have any power it doesn't do you much good.

After lunch we went back to the site and didn't have any luck starting the generator.  To make matters worse it caught fire.   But we were unsuccessful and running any of the drills and equipment off the flames coming from the generator.  After the Haitians put the fire out with dirt we knew we were going to be very limited in the amount of work we could get done. 

Bill had a interesting experience using the torch to cut holes for windows and doors in a cargo container for the ATC.  One of his tanks caught fire twice. After the second Fire it was decided that it would be smartest to quit until we could get a wrench to tighten the valve on one of his tanks. Jim,  Wade, and I watched from some distance and were very happy Bill was not sent into orbit.   

While we had downtime Warren and Jim, not ones to sit on their hands, fabricated a fender for one of the Haitians motorcycles.  Not bad for an after market accessory.   

Truly the highlight of the day was a service we all went to last night over at the orphanage.  The kids were absolutely beautiful.   They sang songs and worshiped and showed tremendous amount of joy. Amazing Grace was as moving and powerful as I have ever heard. Peter is posting a video of itThe people running the orphanage and caring for these kids do God's work, there's just no other way of thinking about it. 

The skies opened up as we were finishing at the orphanage and we ran back to our tent  through a torrential downpour.   

Warren left around five this morning back to the states. The rest of us leave tomorrow. The plan is to get to Port-au-Prince and see much of that city before heading to the airport.  In the meantime, if we can get a generator to work today we have a lot of other things to finish at the site under the wise and steady leadership of the one and only Mr. Peter Fenger. 
Please forgive any voice text errors.

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