Friday, April 4, 2014

Haiti trip

Day 7
Day  seven. Or is it day 8?  

 I have to admit it is difficult to keep it straight. Either way it was a great day. We had breakfast together as a team after a good night in the tent 

Our generator was operating at the job site so we were able to bust out a lot of work. Windows, walls, lots  of great stuff to finish up the job. Warren would have been proud.   

We finished up early to midafternoon and came back to the village to rest for a while and the tent. I keep saying tent  but it's really more like a good-sized air-conditioned shelter. But we were able to squeeze in a tour of their medical facilities. Very impressive. All told They see over 50,000 patients and handle over 24,000 appointments per year. We had a long discussion with the nurse in charge and she explained to us all the primary medical conditions the Haitians deal with on a regular basis.

We shared a lot of good stories and good laughs about the entire trip.   Then it was off to the oasis for a little relaxation with some new friends, David and his family from Delray Florida.

As usual Carlos took care of us this evening.  

We are heading back to the tent so we can rest up for an early morning departure out of Port-au-Prince. If we get delayed we plan on touring the parts of the city that are safe.  

We came, we constructed, we bonded, and we grew in ourselves, in each other, and in Christ.  We have so much to be thankful for. I think each one of us will forever remember the extreme conditions.  Reggie showed up. Saying hi.  Signing off

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