Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Haiti trip

Day 5

Today we were not on the project.  We took to the different trips with love a child to distribute food.   Love a child receives a great deal of food from the organization "feed our starving children". Feed our starving children has a few people here from around the US and we accompany them on both distribution runs.

First trip was about an hour into the mountainous area. Traveled to a small village where family members from 150 families walk from miles and miles to come collect their box with 216 meals. Much of the terrain called for four drive. It was rocky and rough. 

We will see the villagers were holding school for kids, at least 100 of them of all ages.  It was amazing to see them all dressed in uniform place with no bathrooms and no running water.  At best most of them live in nothing but tin shacks. The children were beautiful and clearly hungry. We stayed until they finished eating their first meal and then we headed out. 

The second truck was back toward Port-au-Prince and then due north. At the village we arrived at 300 boxes, each with 216 meals, were distributed. The Haitians were so excited they broke down the doors of the church to get inside where Bobby and the representative from feed our starving children spoke briefly to the group before handing out the food. 

We arrived back at love a child just prior to a downpour. 

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